Refund Policy

All sales are final 

Unfortunately I do not accept returns or exchanges for any items at this time.

I go through extensive efforts to accurately portray each crystal, and rock with minimal editing in order to display the true nature and beauty.

Due to their natural origins crystals, and stones will sometimes contain small flaws that add to their beauty and character that include; small knicks, cracks, and/or scratches.

I offer each piece as is, if there is a flaw that stands out and is truly prominent and I feel it needs to be brought to the buyers attention this will be noted in the description below each item listed.

When shipping out orders please know it is packaged with love and care. However if an item arrives broken due to mishandling while shipping please send a message via Instagram @NattysMountainCrystals. 

Disclaimer- Handmade items such as bracelets, and wire wrapped necklaces are created with love and care.  When you buy handmade items you are buying a piece that I made with positive intensions and love.  However handmade items are not perfect, they are made by human hands, and no two items will be exactly alike. 

Sometimes bracelets can break due to normal wear and tear, if the cord is tugged on too hard, is forced to stretch, or if it is caught on something and pulled it can potentially stretch and/or break. 

If this happens I sincerely apologize, there is an old saying that if your bracelet breaks it is because it has served it's purpose and gave all of its metaphysical healing properties and energies to you.  I feel a deep attachment to my crystal bracelets so if this happens please send me a message via Instagram and I will try my best to accommodate this unfortunate event.

Wire wrapped pendants or metal jewelry will be listed with type of metal used, some metals can become tarnished over time due to normal wear and tear. "Tarnish is essentially a thin layer of corrosion that frequently develops on the surface of a part in the form of a dull blackish or grayish film. While silver is the metal that is generally associated with tarnishing, it can occur on just about any type of metal such as aluminum, copper and brass."  Over time, your jewelry comes into contact with moisture, acids, oils and air.  All of these external elements react with the metal in the jewelry, and this is what causes it to eventually wear down and tarnish.

How do I keep this from happening?  Keep your jewelry dry, store properly in a zip lock bag or air tight container, and clean when needed. 

If you have any additional questions or if you are dissatisfied with any items after purchase, please feel free to reach out via Instagram message; @NattysMountainCrystals thank you for your support and understanding.